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Elemental Zoological Preserve

coat of arms wo symbols.png



We hope this email finds you well! Thank you for inquiring about us!    

     In recent years humankind has overcome so much. Despite pandemics, fires, earthquakes, and near annihilation, humans have only grown stronger. When the veil thinned and fused, humans welcomed the Others from adjoining realms with open arms and minds. We are so grateful!                                                 As a way of thanking such wonderful beings, we here at the Elemental Zoological Preserve have opened visitation to our mortal allies at significant discount prices!                                         Now you can visit those you’ve been curious about, or never even realized existed!  Our preserve is clean, and child friendly which makes it a perfect place for your next family vacation! We have full park passes if you would like to visit every exhibit and stay in our luxury hotels. Day passes are available for those who only want to see a few exciting sectors.                      

      Our island is located in the western part of New Earth and full of sunshine and fresh air. We offer gourmet meals and fine dining in our upscale restaurant, as well as swimming with our merfolk keepers.                             
       Here at E.Z.P. we ensure the best care of our endangered species and follow all health and code guidelines as set forth by the Inhuman Act of 2035.

      We have left a list of our sectors for your consideration. You may reply to this email for further information if you are interested in visiting,      

                      We look forward to hearing from you!

Elemental Zoological Preserve Submission Details.


Elemental Zoological Preserve will be a 6 book series. Each book will contain stories from a specific sector of the island where all inhabitants live.

Ember Isle: Book 1

Lagoon: Book 2

Aviary: Book 3

Lost Forest: Book 4

The Watchers: Book 5

Conclusion: Book 6, Finale

Submissions will be open for all books starting April 5th and once all open spots for the books are full, the call will close. All books will publish once a month until all are available.

Word count: 5k-10k


A list has been provided with creatures you may choose from to write a story from the creature/being's point of view. Stories should include guests of the preserve that are there for vacation. It is up to the author whether the guests survive. All stories must include at least one keeper from their sector. A list will be provided for all keepers, their personality traits, names, and a few descriptions of appearance to incorporate. There will be details of the sector to include as far as its scenery so that all stories stay consistent with their location.



There will also be details on an event that occurs, (see below) affecting the entire preserve. Because of this, each author will be instructed to write TWO DIFFERENT ENDINGS to their story. One where their character survives, and one where they meet their demise. IF your story is accepted WE WILL NOT TELL YOU WHICH ENDING WE ARE USING. You will be surprised along with all the readers.


You may submit multiple stories but acceptances will only be one per author, per book.



The Watchers

All characters must be made up by the author. You may use up to three existing traits from other beings. These beings will be faced off with THE EMPTY in a showdown for book 5. (see below.) Each story must end on a cliffhanger for this book as book 6 will be the conclusion on whether characters survive from book 5.

The authors with characters chosen to survive will be contacted with further details to finish out their stories.



The Empty grew from the residue of evil that once blanketed the mortal world. A black hole absorbing the life energy from every being it comes in contact with. It was banished by a variety of elders from the Others when they first entered the human realm. The Empty found a way to escape its entrapment by absorbing the magic that once held it captive. Its darkness can take any shape, form, or identity, and even possesses a being if it desires.

You are free to choose how your character comes in contact with The Empty in all books but it must cross paths with it in order to be considered. (see above about conclusions of stories.)


Lost Forest

The Lost Forest houses our earthy inhabitants of all kinds. Below is a list of those in the order they reside in the Lost Forest sector of the preserve. The forest is properly maintained by its keepers, Sindar elves, and Eladrin fae.

  1. Deerpeople

  2. Crocotta

  3. Wolperhinger

  4. Chupacabre

  5. Kirin

  6. Billdad

  7. Karkadann

  8. Amarok

  9. Erymanthian Boar

  10. Gogmajog

  11. Ghatotkecha
    Description: The Lost Forest is lush and green, full of exotic flowers and vegetation. The paths to each species domain is narrow and worn, with little room to walk side by side. Trees disappear into the clouded sky and the light of the sun can be hard to find in spots. 

  12. Keepers:
    ~Sinka: Eladrin fae. Tall. Platinum hair, dry personality, and no sense of humor. Sinka not only is a 'goes by the book' fae but has re-written for more logical purposes. 
    ~Dinene: Eladrin fae. Tall, lanky, can blend into her surroundings. Constantly changes hair color and skin tone. Spunky, with an eidetic memory. 
    ~Frehala: Sindar elf. Can adjust his height when needed. Able to tame the most savage of beasts. Hates practical jokes, but enjoys it when someone falls down a large hill.
    ~Mokie: Sindar elf. The author may choose the personality. 
    ~Shonin: Eladrin fae. The author may choose the personality.
    ~Pindell: Eladrin fae. The author may choose the personality. 



A favorite among many visitors and keepers as well. Refreshing and full of delightful inhabitants with which some you can mingle! Our Lagoon is looked after by northern mermaids and sirens.


  1. Hippocampus

  2. Opopogo

  3. Leviathans

  4. Lusca

  5. Charybdis

  6. Kelpie

  7. Rusalka

  8. Selkies

  9. Midgard Serpent
    Description: The Lagoon has a lavender sand beach, with a hotel just on its outskirts overlooking the crystal blue water. The Lagoon takes up the entire western side of the island. It is as deep as the ocean itself with many hidden caverns in its depths. The water of the lagoon is a magic all its own. It can change color and shape if it wants to protect those that reside or enter its depths.

    ~Marina: Mermaid. Green locks are most often mistaken as seaweed. Kind, and sincere, other keepers look to her as a mother figure. 
    ~ Corin: Merman. Appears gray underwater but can absorb the sun when out of the water to look as golden as a gold fish. prefers practical jokes and annoying Marina. 
    ~ Sicclee: Selkie. Usually works with the public since she can walk on land after shedding her seal-like flesh. She forgets sometimes to shed away from human onlookers. It's a messy experience and humans find it grotesque. 
    ~Leala: Selkie. Warrior woman who enjoys confrontation and her quick wit can hush some of the most argumentive beings.
    ~Gunner: Merman.  The author may choose the personality.

    ~Seara: Selkie. The author may choose the personality.



Our Aviary habitat houses those of our winged friends. Harpy keeper sisters Aello and Ocypete ensure its occupants are well maintained as they fly freely through their sector.


  1. Peryton

  2. Enfield

  3. Camazotz

  4.  Pegasus

  5. Simurgh

  6. Gargoyles

  1. Wyvern
    Description: The eastern side of the island seems open and free for those with wings to glide and ride the wind as much as they like. However, there is a protective invisible dome that prevents any and all from leaving its grounds wh do not have premission. Some beings in protective custody have collided with it when trying to leave the island's security. To visitors, it looks similar to the Lost Forest but not as dense or as lush. 

    ~Aello. Harpy. Unfriendly and harsh, she runs the Aviary as if it were her own army.
    ~Ocypete: Harpy. Opposite half of her sister, Aello. Prefers mercy to punishment, and helps those who are injured. 


Ember Isle

A delightfully popular exhibit of our most endangered occupants. Many have been rescued from peril in their now perished realms. For such a place we needed the best of the best as keepers. We found them in such legends Ancalagon and Bahamut.


  1. Ifirt

  2. Hellhounds

  3. Onibi

  4. Salamander

  5. Chimera

  6. Pheonix

  7. Jinn

  8. Firebird

  9. Cherufe

  10. Fire Serpent

  11. Kapre
    Description: The southern mountains of the island are warm and visitors must wear protective clothing against its heat. It's rocky and more like traveling through a cave than a park. The paths are lava rocks and burn the flesh of humans if they aren't protected. 

    Ancalagon: Largest dragon in existence, a god in his own right. HE was bred from war and war is what he knows. He expects nothing less than obedience and order.
    Bahamut: Sea dragon that ranges from sky blue to frosty indigo. Stronger than Ancalagon, but limited to the water. 

The Watchers


Those that reside in the spirit realm of The Watchers are a rarity we do not disclose. This part of our preserve is not part of any package as it is its own. You can purchase a separate ticket at the park for its visitation. Unfortunately, not everyone may pass its threshold as it has been enchanted by the keepers. Witches of the North and South guard its secrets and only those who are worthy may pass through. All tickets are non-refundable.

The Watchers sector is in the center of the island. The experience beyond its threshold is different for every visitor. 

All keepers are witches. Both keepers and entities are to be the sole work of the author. (See above.)


Submission Guideline Specifics

Submissions must be edited to the best of your ability.  Do not send first drafts. We highly recommend author groups and beta readers.

Story submissions:
~The subject of the email must have the following;
*Your story title
*Submission call title
*Word count
   (ex: E.Z.P., Feathers and Wind, Aviary, 5000w)
*Include the alternate ending in the same document separated by one blank page. 

All submissions should be sent to 
                 *  *  *
~Send all stories in a document as an attachment. Do not submit the story in the body of the email.~

~Submissions must include a title page that contains;

*Story title
*Author's legal name
*Author's pen name (if applicable)
*Word count
*Short bio of 100 words or less in the third person. 


Accepted authors will receive $20.00 per story accepted and one author copy. The authors who are asked to finish their stories from book 5 for book 6 will also receive the series collection (all 6 books) free of charge. (International authors will be responsible for shipping costs.) 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us and we will reply at our earliest opportunity.