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Now accepting submissions for Author Collections, Novellas, and Novels. See our Manuscript Submission page for details. 

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Thank you for joining! Remember all reviews must be honest whether you liked the book or not, Readers will be emailed with a blurb of the book before it is sent to make sure they are interested. Readers will have two weeks (14 days) from the date the book is sent to read its entirety. After said days the book will be inaccessible. 

New Releases On Kindle Vella!

Hickery Hollow
Book 1

Hannah and her family must relocate after her new stepfather tries to murder them. The new town of Hickery Hollow is small, quiet, and quaint with some quirky residents, especially, her new, and overly excitable friend, Izzy.

Did that coffee shop sign really say you could get a shot of charisma in your latte?

Who keeps showing up at night wearing striped stockings and giggles at her window?

Will her stepfather find them and finish the job?

Releasing early 2023!

hickery hallow 3d teaser.png

Wicked Love series
Legends & Legions

Book 1

Nerissa is a legend. Her powers are passed down from generations dating back to Hecate, and one of the few who can vanquish demons- especially the feared legions. She is also a mother of three and works for the PTA investigating supernatural activity that directly affects witches. The last battle nearly killed her, and her newly assigned demon is hard to track. At least something is keeping her mind off her cheating ex-husband who lives in the guest house.
Darrell is a legion. A demon made from a heartbreaking deal centuries ago, and now a hired assassin for high-level demonic forces. He usually woos the witches, gaining their trust with lust and physical pleasures before he kills them to steal their powers and sell their magical blood on the underground market.
Her next vanquish is Darrell.
His next mark is Nerissa.

She has no idea who he is, but he knows exactly what she is capable of doing if she finds out. He keeps her close and keeps her satisfied while trying to not only steal her Book of Shadows that's coveted by every magical being in the universe but also the blood in her veins.
There's only one problem. She is the only human who has ever made him feel anything in centuries.

Wicked Love LL 3d teaser.png

Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame! - William Butler Yeats

spectral ties.jpg

Carwyn and Valen, together for decades, have lived at times thousands of miles away from one another. But when Carwyn begins to have visions of the destruction of not only their home but himself, his husband must return to their castle. It's not the usual fire and pitchforks, but something darker.

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