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We are now accepting submissions on author story collections and novelettes. Please follow submission guidelines for your work to be considered.

Author Collections should be a minimum of 30k and edited to the best of your ability. This will pay $100 plus an author copy. All stories may be previously published as long as the author still holds the rights to the work

Novelettes and Poetry Collections should be 15k-30k . All work must be edited to the best of your ability. Payment is $50 for a poetry collection and $75 for a novelette, an author copy, plus extra items at the publisher's discretion may apply.


-Novelettes should include a query letter. DO NOT SEND THE MANUSCRIPT. Submitting authors will receive an email based on the content of the query letter whether or not to send the novelette in parts or in its entirety. 
- Author Collections should send a query letter along with the first three pages of one featured story. Authors will be emailed for further information based on the work provided. 
-Poetry should send a query with an estimated word count along with two featured poems of any length. Authors will be emailed for further information based on the work provided. 

-Do not send manuscripts in whole or in part in the body of the email. Please send documents as an attachment.
Email submissions to Title the email as either Author Collection, Novelette, or Poetry Collection. 

*NOTE: Our editors provide free editing services as needed for all our publications. United Faedom Publishing also provides a book cover for your ebook and paperback. You will be provided with teaser ads to share and a pre-order date with a link to share. Novelettes are subject to perks such as, but not limited to; bookmarks, t-shirts, keychains, and more. 

Send all submissions to the email provided on our submissions page.


Novellas and Novel Submissions.