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Enchanted Entrapments: The Review

These are tales of beauty, magic, and the otherworldly—stories of men and women ensnared by the charm of the occult, the allure of the fae, and the bids of nymphs.

Some of these tales lead down a whimsical, magical path towards love and light, while others lead to dark magic, treacherous worlds, and demonic entities.

Be prepared to enter the world of magic, where all is not what it appears, but be wary, for many never return.

Find it on Amazon here.

The blurb drew me in immediately, which isn't easy to do since I read so much for United Faedom Publishing and more. My attention span can be less than a two-year-old's at times, so anything that pulls me in and keeps me sitting still long enough to finish the whole thing is a BIG plus.

This anthology is the first publication from Madhouse Books, and I am looking forward to many more! I'm breaking down my review and covering each story. So hold onto your broomstick; it's going to be a crazy ride!


By Aric Sundquist

From the pit of his stomach, he could feel the seed grow. It spread like an uncoiling snake, growing through his bowels and stomach, stretching into his esophagus, choking him, tearing through flesh, eviscerating his insides. He cried out in pain but found he couldn't pronounce any words.

Preserve surprised me, I'm not gonna lie. It was a bit slow to start, but those are the ones you have to stick out with because they usually have the biggest payoff, and this was a prime example. It is shorter than the others but definitely makes up for it with its plot. I love how the title fits so perfectly.



My mother had spoken of faerie rings. She’d said that, depending on the weight of the wind, they were as likely to bestow a curse as they were to grant a wish. My brothers had claimed her stories were nonsense, but my heart was younger and softer than theirs. My mind held more questions than doubts, and my veins, more wishes than blood.

What can I say? The title should give you a clue of how I feel about this one. Lol Yeah, top favorite. I truly wanted more. The flow of the story was amazing, and the imagery had me smelling the grass, so to speak. I picture this one of those stories being the prologue to a classic tale I would read repeatedly.


The Drive
By Victor Nandi

“Power,” he paused for dramatic effect. “Humans wanted power

over beings they couldn’t control. So, they made monsters of them, painted

them with ugly, frightening colors, and fed misinformation to the people.

Why do you think they sell the stories at the village squares and paint the

basilicas with frightening images?”

From the moment I began this story, I was captivated. By the time I had finished it, I felt as if I'd just watched a Doctor Who episode. The Drive had elements of wonder and a twisted ending, just like my favorite show. I recommend it to everyone, though, not just Whovians. lol


The Watcher on the Mountain
by Cory Mason

The notebook leaned against the far wall, with its black shell and

creamy underbelly. A shiver ran up my spine, the kind that forces its way

through your body when you’re being watched.

It is eerie and intriguing, similar to a dream that clings to you all day, and you can't shake it off. Very enjoyable!.


She Who Binds the Bones
by M.S. Swift

The air grew heavy, and the shadows of writhing figures flowed

among the burning stones. Nothing was static: shadow and light shifted

around me, and I was entwined among dancing shadows until giants like

those of our gardens woke into pulsing life and sonorous cries and unfurled

their long limbs from the night.

I am completely in love with this author's style and voice. Magical and captivating. I hung on to every word. Loved this!


By Naomi Brett Rourke

Under the water, I hear muffled shrieking, and suddenly I am free.

I tumble out of the water, and I sprawl on him as he roars. I stare in shock

at the damage my nails have made to his ripped flesh, blood pouring from

a dozen wounds, and suddenly I can take no more.

This story clawed at my heart, made me uncomfortable, and wince several times. Yes, I loved it, and the sadness it left behind still haunts me.



Even in the dull light, the camera lens exaggerates the intricacy of

the web, a marvel of engineering decorated by shimmering globes of

moisture hanging from the weaving like fairy lights.

The backstory of nightmares. If you say, "Oh hell no," at the end, you know it's good.



The sounds of the forest grew louder, the creaks of trees transformed into a crescendo, thickening into a sound like the rolling of a train track. At the end of the tunnel, a wall

of vines twisted into the shape of a crude door.

An intriguing tale that kept me reading from beginning to end. Loved the ending. Enjoyable, and I can't wait to read more from this author.



Nothing dared live in the domain of Ata Nor.

Yet, I fretted over fanciful evils I knew did not exist. I heard padded footfalls

born in my imagination, threatening my every step.

I absolutely love the descriptions in this story. It's not over the top, but the wordplay paints a perfect picture and draws you in. Another great story that should not be skipped!



Slowly, she lifted the apple to her lips and took a bite. Her eyes

closed in pleasure at the taste. “A worthy offering.”

I absolutely loved this! This sits right alongside The Faerie Ring for me. I love the story, and, Kay, if you are reading this, I want to know more about Leah. lol



Come on down and meet your maker

Come on down and make the stand

I love this story's journey, and the main character was relatable.



For Simon, the wants and desires of ordinary men were not

enough; he was driven by something more profound, a need to penetrate the veils

of the physical world, to know the hidden reality that is usually barred from

the senses of men.

This story reminded me of the late nights in my youth watching The Twilight Zone. Very pleased with this story, and its ending was perfect. Well done!



As Amets drifted off to sleep, his father’s story slipped into the

fibers of his subconscious and stained it.

Wow! Another that fits along the lines of The Outer Limits. Be careful of bedtime stories...Although, my kids will be reading this one for sure!



When she passed by a small farmhouse, she noticed the

woman following her. Slim as a toothpick, she wore a shiny blue rebozo

draped over her thin shoulders. The weight of her gaze drew Satsuki in. The

woman beckoned and invited Satsuki inside her house.

There is a beautiful sadness to this story, and it's written well. However, the characters still linger in the back of my mind.



The forest had disappeared, replaced by stone arches and walls surrounding her. Even though the stonework seemed solid, there was an

unearthly uncertainty ebbing in the nearby atmospheric layers.

A fascinating fae tale. I would love to read more of the backstory for this and hope the author continues with one in the future.

Sadly this is where the book ends. Enchanted Entrapments is a fitting title as each enchanting tale captivates you, and just like the fae, leads you further into a magical world.

Enchanted Entrapments makes an excellent gift for that reader you love and for yourself as well! There is still time to purchase the Kindle version for a perfect holiday gift! You can get it in ebook and paperback!

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