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I'm Just an Awesome Book Club Baby

Book clubs have evolved since their conception in the late 1700s. Book Tok has caused a surge in virtual book clubs along with some popular Facebook groups.

Some of us here at UFP have fond memories of the past clubs to which we once belonged. The friends we made, the books we read, and the laughs we shared over stories we still remember.

Even though most of us are spread over states, and countries, with oceans between us, we still get together to read the same book and discuss each personal experience taken from the story.

We want to experience this same connection with YOU! Yes, you!

There are unknown authors, well-known, authors, and even first-time authors out there we want to read and discuss.

Book clubs are so therapeutic! A great way to away from the everyday life of responsibilities that are a constant on our minds. A way to breathe with a love of the written word.

Of course, there may be some perks to ours. ARC copies, swag, free paperbacks, and more!

Readers will be introduced to books they may not have heard of, or are looking for ARC readers. We have a voting process every two weeks for the book of the month, and authors are welcome to join in and list their books for voting.

We even have Kindle Vella stories in the mix! So many books...

If you would like to join the club it's two Fridays a month. Will we see you there?

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